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Builders Marketing Resource provides a full range of Advertising Resources and Services. As advertising professionals, we understand that the only way you can justify using our services is if we provide you with ideas and campaigns that are successful in achieving your revenue goals. We design our services to meet client expectations while providing a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace of ideas.

We develop, deliver and manage print, web advertising, broadcast or direct mail for maximum Impact and lasting results.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising is the most commonly used advertising medium in business. The tangible nature of the ad, availability of media, as well as distribution, make this form of advertising the most widely used.

1. Newspaper
2. Magazine
3. Yellow Pages

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Television/Cable Advertising

Television and Cable advertising combine sight & sound to produce an effective message that not only reaches a wide audience of viewers, but also establishes a strong company image & presence in the marketplace. Frequency and creativity are integral to successful TV/Cable Ad Campaign.
Radio Advertising

Radio is an affordable and effective medium that can reach a mass audience at a relative low cost.
Frequency, coupled with Radio Station's Programming Format, is the key to reaching your target audience and having a successful Radio Campaign.
Outdoor Advertising

Billboard advertising accounts for the largest segment of Outdoor Advertising. In a highly mobile society, this lager-than-life, visually dominant medium, is effective in creating and establishing a "brand" name in business.
Direct Mail
Of all the advertising media, Direct Mail is the most targeted form of advertising available. This medium is flexible, cost effective, tangible and measurable.