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              This program is available to those Building Companies that meet the BMR Preferred Builder Qualifications and desire a non-exclusive brokerage program to sell their product.  The mechanics of the program are as follows:

  1. BMR, Inc. will feature your Building Company on our website, as a BMR Preferred Builder.  We will provide a written description of your company and product line, along with a photo or rendering that best represents your firms product offering.

  2. BMR, Inc. will pay for all on-line production costs to establish your Preferred Builder Status. 

  3. BMR, Inc will prospect and qualify potential buyers and Register all prospective customers with your Building Company, on forms provided by BMR, Inc., and approved by your Building Company.

  4. Your Building Company agrees to accept, sign and protect BMR, Inc.’s customer Registration for the stipulated time period.

  5. Your Building Company agrees to pay BMR, Inc. a pre-negotiated/established commission on sales procured and contracted by BMR, Inc. and/or your Building Company, as a result of BMR, Inc.’s efforts.

  6. Your Building Company can also choose to establish a link directly to your company’s website at an Additional Charge.  Please contact us for further details on establishing a  link.

              BMR, Inc.’s “Builder Pre-Sale Program” is a non-exclusive marketing alternative to Building Companies that want to engage BMR’s Professional Sales & Marketing efforts to sell their products and services through our Real Estate Brokerage Division.  We are committed to our “Builder Partners” and will promote “brand” loyalty throughout the sale and service of your products.

               Please feel free to contact our Corporate Office for Program Details.